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• Allow to use popular currencies in all cases of conversion without additional knowledge in programming or command line • Ability to perform simple convertion from USD to EURO • Full conversion of other currencies such as USD to GBP • More currencies available through a dedicated list • Can be integrated into the browser without an additional download About Format, Format: Format is a free ebook creation and editing software. With this software you can convert easily any file into epub, pdf and text pdf formats, with all the corresponding features to edit and view, preserving the text format. New Features: • Edge to edge reading mode • Full screen mode • History window where you can save any state and revert any changes on files • Font normalizing (per-character) • Open Source • Includes examples • Support for many languages Format is powerful free ebook creation tool. It is not only a very simple to use program for all ebook formats, but also a powerful e-book authoring tool that can easily be used by people without prior knowledge. • More than 300,000 books published on popular platforms, such as Sony, Brother and Kobo • Simple to use • Convert text files to PDF (and other formats, including HTML and EPUB) • Create books using images, images, text, and PDF • Insert bookmarks • Split or merge books • Insert Chapters or protect against copy • Create Book Sharing password-protected books • Export files in many formats Format is the most known and used software for converting ebooks to other formats. In addition to the basic e-book conversion into PDF, HTML, and MOBI, it also offers support for bookmarking and password protection. It has also a convenient Split Book feature which allows you to split a book into several parts, thus allowing sharing individual files or chapters among different devices. The built-in PDF editor allows fast and simple modification of PDF files by means of over 900 advanced features. The program is very easy to use: just select the needed features, adjust the settings and click "Convert". Format can convert both images, text, bookmarks and PDF files to other formats using a built-in image converter that is up to 3000% faster than similar software. The software supports the following formats: AZW, CBR, EPUB, HTML, MOBI, PDF, PDB, PRC, RTF, TXT, XHTML, DOC, DOC a5204a7ec7

The Currency Converter Maxthon Plugin is a translation tool that simplifies the process of converting currencies. It offers accurate values for the amount of the money to convert. The converter can be customized and the amount of currency. Maxthon plugin lets you easily convert various currencies: US Dollar, UK Pound, Russian Ruble, Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar, Brazilian Real, Swiss Franc, Hong Kong Dollar, Danish Krone, Japanese Yen, Thai Baht, Spanish Peseta, Swedish Krona, and more. After you have installed the plugin on your browser, simply type currency converter, and you will be redirected to the Currency Converter Maxthon Plugin of the Internet on the desktop of your computer. Using the plugin is easy - just select the currency you wish to convert, and type the amount of money to be converted. The Currency Converter Maxthon Plugin is a conversion tool that allows you to convert several currencies, including USD, UKP, Ruble, USD, RUB, CAD, AUD, BRL, HKD, JPY, THB, SGD, and others. For each currency, you can add the amount of money to convert. After converting, the results will be displayed in the form of the currency of your choice. The Currency Converter Maxthon Plugin is a converter that allows you to convert currency easily and quickly. It helps you to convert hundreds of different currencies at once. The converter is very useful to a user because it offers accurate results with many reasons to convert the currency. All the prices for every currency is displayed and displayed on the desktop of your computer. Install the Currency Converter Maxthon Plugin directly in your browser, and enjoy the high quality of the plugin! Currency Converter Maxthon Plugin Download Report Bug Last time it worked on Firefox, but not now. Report new features Fully functional and supported on newest browsers! New and updated! Get more features - If you have any problems with the application, please do not hesitate to contact us. Currency Converter Maxthon Plugin updates - Add some missing currencies: USD, USD, AUD, AUD, BR, BR, GB, GB, JPY, JPY, KRW, KRW, MXN, MXN, NZD, NZD, RUB, RUB, SGD, SGD, THB, THB, ZAR, Z


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